My approach to discovering a cure is similar to that of many others: I conduct my own research and we test it. My research has been ongoing for several years, and I have read thousands of pages of studies, forums, and social media groups… I’ve been saving all of this on browser bookmarks, in folders on my phone and computer, in bookmarks, entire studies in documents, screenshots of highlights of the text, copied parts of texts, and so on… you get the idea… then I’d write the basic conclusions and guidelines along with available products in one notebook until the notebook ran out.

I only needed to organize it all, separate the findings, and then I thought it would be fine to share.

The end result of the specific research should be reduced to one sentence that explains how a certain remedy or therapy works, what is the method of application (or dosage), where it can be accessed, or where I will get it and at what price.

My method is generally as follows:

  • I start by examining symptoms and their relation to body systems, such as cardiovascular, CNS, immune system, hormones, cellular-energy ATP, mitochondria, or others.
  • Try to identify markers that are abnormal in these systems, such as elevated bradykinin, homocysteine, decreased thyroid hormones, and antibodies if there are significant ones.
  • Next, understand the mechanisms involved in these systems and how they can be influenced. Some medical treatments may be identified at this stage.
  • Finally, I search for natural alternatives to medications or treatments, such as plants or supplements, and compare reviews and prices.


A slightly different direction  taken when I start from the end, i.e. from a theory or a treatment that is claimed to work. Then:

  • I look for treatments applied by holistic programs like Ayurveda, Kampo, Chinese medicine, and others.
  • I research the mechanism of action, dosages, and product availability.
  • Don’t miss checking for unwanted effects.
  • Finally, I compare the availability of medicine, herbal preparations, and supplements, deciding whether to order online or locally.

And there, the 1st goal of the search was finally fulfilled – to find a potential solution in form of avaliable product or therapy, with understanding on how it works, what is the method of application (dosage), where to get it and at what price.