Since the CFS/ME/SEID is considered to be the body’s out-of-balance state in danger mode, where the out-of-balance state is perpetuated by viscous circles in otherwise healthy systems, we strongly believe that restoring those systems to balance with holistic support will reverse the danger mode, restore homeostasis and bring us back to health.

Here we have summarized an extensive search down to the available remedies, treatments, and range of products that can be used to support all impacted systems. CFS/ME/SEID Recovery is designed for patients and caregivers who need a one-stop solution. Easily search by symptoms or affected systems and find the best solutions.



Start Healing

Empowering patients and caregivers with a comprehensive one-stop solution for CFS/ME/SEID recovery

  • To begin your recovery journey, understand the condition and symptoms.
  • Discover effective strategies and treatments to alleviate symptoms and improve quality of life.
  • Explore medical protocols and alternative programs designed to provide holistic support and relief
  • Explore range of products and remedies. Choose what resonates with you and embark on a path to wellness!
  • Like many others, we’re doing our own research and experimenting with protocols, alternative treatments, and natural remedies.

  • Some scientists try to pinpoint the origin of this disease, but we’re looking at all possibilities to find a solution. We won’t wait for until we are certain that, if it exists, interrupting one single vicious cycle can end the entire twisted process.

  • We’ll work with every system where possible.This make sense to us since all body systems are impacted in certain ways.


Completed work  

To make informed decisions about CFS/ME/SEID treatments, we believe it was important to conduct thorough research and gather credible information:

  • Sources include medical journals, scientific studies, reputable online publications that provide evidence-based information on CFS and its treatments, personal anecdotes, and product reviews.
  • We evaluate the accessibility of medicinal products, herbal products, and supplements, while comparing their potency, pricing, and availability
  • We have been exploring available medical protocols and alternative programs, free online resources and links.

next step
  • The search goal is to find a potential solution and understand how it works, its application method, where to obtain it, and its price.
  • However, this point is just a half of the road. Next step is to try and see what is helping. Because this condition has so many individual variations we are all bound to the process of try and error.
  • To save time and energy for sufferers and caregivers, I will share my research findings, including explanations of affected body systems and symptoms, treatment logic, and resources for self-care on your journey to healing.



Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease (SEID) is a term for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) that aims to avoid the stigma associated with the term “chronic fatigue syndrome”. Systemic for the disease being body wide. Exertion Intolerance as key into understanding that the patient cannot tolerate exertion. Disease gives the self-explanatory label of being an organic biological disease. Another name in use  by some patients is CFIDS, which stands for Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome. In the content of the website we will use CFS/ME/SEID to avoid any confusion, since SEID is not in common use yet.


We are a mother and daughter, with me as caregiver and her as a young lady suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS/ME/SEID). We are on the hunt for a cure, which, due to the fact that there is no consensus on the treatment, is based on huge amounts of information and a lot of experimentation. In the quest there are many things my daughter cannot do that I am able to do and share, to help patients and caregivers facing similar challenges.

It’s easy to get lost in research and feel paralyzed by the overwhelming amount of information, especially when dealing with conditions like CFS/ME/SEID. Many people with this condition have mentioned in forums and discussions that they struggle to follow links and track resources due to lack of energy and other symptoms. That’s why I’ve decided to share the information I’ve gathered in one place, including relevant treatment programs, free resources, and selected supplements with specific benefits for CFS. I hope this compilation helps you save time and energy.


Like so many others, our journey toward healing is one of investigation and experimentation. However, even trying to have effects on the disease would be a long way off at least. First, because both you and me being patients or caregivers must find what worth trying all by ourselves. There are many scattered information sources that contain possible remedies, cures or potential treatments. Then further research has to be done on these agents for their mechanisms of action, side effects etc. So much work done that I needed to systemize and summarize down to  some workable program or product wort trying.  Method itself is simple and follows the steps:

  • Identify the mechanism
  • Recognize the challenger
  • What fights the challenger
  • How to get it



Empowering CFS/ME/SEID Fighters with Knowledge and Solutions

• Numerous research studies and articles have been compiled here to offer a thorough insight into chronic fatigue syndrome, including various treatment approaches and alternative remedies.

• We aim to save your time and energy as you navigate through your journey of understanding the condition.

• In one convenient place, you can explore extensive information about existing medical protocols as well as alternative holistic and brain retraining programs with subscription or free.

• We also share access to free material, classes and courses.

• Discover wide range of products that are created to help you effectively address  the various symptoms of the condition as well as the specific bodily systems that are impacted. 

• Products description reffers to CFS/ME/SEID benefits specifically. Browse through products easily. 

• Explore a list of trustworthy sources for research, materials, forums and platforms where patients and caregivers can access valuable information.

• We use these, along with other important resources, to gather all the information that can benefit you on your journey to healing.